Spring has sprung!  It's time for a good night sleep!

Spring has sprung! It's time for a good night sleep!

Spring cleaning?  Maybe it’s the perfect time to up the feng shui in your bedroom for a better night sleep!

Feng shui practice aims to create harmonious environments through the spatial layout and orientation of rooms, in order to enhance the well-being and good fortune of its occupants.  Feng means wind and shui means water, and as with everything in life, it’s all about good balance!

5 easy tips to improve the feng shui design of your bedroom design are:

Make it a tech-free room!  We’ve all heard it.  The bedroom should be a TV/ computer free space.  Not only does it help prevent the ‘just one more episode of Game of Thrones’ syndrome, but studies are also telling us that too much light (ie. screentime) before bed can disrupt sleep cycles.  The National Sleep Foundation states that light stimulates parts of the brain responsible for modulating our ‘hormones, body temperature and other functions that play a role in making us feel sleepy or wide-awake’.  Feng shui design recommends that all electronic devices be kept as a minimum in the bedroom, due to EMFs and to avoid bringing work stress and distraction into the sleep sanctuary.

Clutter free De-clutter your room and you’ll declutter your mind!  And while you’re at it, remove any objects connected to negative experiences from the past, or stored goods relating to work matters!

Keep the air fresh! Good feng shui doesn’t happen with stale, polluted air.  So make sure windows are frequently opened.  Unfortunately plants aren’t often recommended for the bedroom, but if they are a must, make sure they are located away from the bed!

Bed location and balance The layout of your room should aim for symmetry to create balance. Ideally, there should be space on both sides of the bed and it should be placed in the ‘commanding’ position: as far away from the entrance door as possible, but with a view to the door.  If bedside tables and lamps are used, make sure that they are located on both sides not one.

For a bigger makeover….. A calming colour scheme is also recommended to create a perfect sleep sanctuary.  Feng shui practitioners often recommend soft, natural, skin and earth tones to create a welcoming, warm environment. 

Happy spring cleaning!!!





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