At Cliveden, we love creating elegant and comfortable sleepwear which doesn’t just look and feel great for the wearer – but is safe for you and the planet.

Cliveden was born when we realised there was both a growing demand for quality cotton sleepwear and awareness of the benefits of organic clothing. We decided to produce loungewear and nightgowns which aren’t just breathable and comfortable to wear, but also highly ethical.

Certified Organic cotton is soft, high-quality and sustainable. It is produced using sustainable farming methods, and is free of toxic chemicals, like pesticides, genetically modified (GMO) seeds and synthetic fertilizers, in every stage of production. So you know the fabrics touching your skin – especially while you sleep – are comfortable and safe.

We love our products and are proud that they are manufactured in Western Australia. We hope you will enjoy wearing them as much as we do!

Olivia xoxo


 Contact: clivedencollection@gmail.com